Thousands of trucks accumulate at the borders of the European Union and Russia

Thousands of trucks are stuck at the borders between the European Union and Russia, where they need to go through customs clearance. At the border crossing “Terehovo – Burachki” between Latvia and Russia, a record number of queues has been reported. As of May 1st, the number of trucks in the queue reached 2,000 units, with an average of approximately 100 vehicles crossing the border each day. This has led to an increase in waiting times of up to three weeks.

Border stations between Lithuania and Belarus, as well as between Lithuania and Russia (Kaliningrad), are also overwhelmed. Queues of around a thousand trucks heading to Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland have formed at all border crossings in Belarus.

According to reports, the cause of the congestion is the reduction in the number of border crossing points: all border crossing points in Finland are completely closed, two border crossing points in Latvia on the border with Russia are also closed, two border crossing points in Lithuania on the border with Belarus are overwhelmed, and Russia has closed the automobile part of the border crossing point in Ivangorod for repairs.