The container market in the Russian Federation increased by 11% in four months, and in April it grew by 8%

The volume of container transportation in Russia in January-April 2024 increased by 11.4% compared to the same period in 2023, reaching 2.176 million TEUs, as reported by the transportation group FESCO.

The market for container transportation in Russia grew by 11% over the four months, and by 8% in April of this year. Imports for the reporting period increased by 7%, reaching 935 thousand TEUs, while exports grew by 12% to 604 thousand TEUs. Transit transportation also increased by 20%, reaching 198 thousand TEUs. Domestic container transportation showed growth by 16%, reaching 439 thousand TEUs.

According to FESCO, in April 2024, the market volume increased by 8% compared to April 2023, reaching 574 thousand TEUs.

The company notes that the main driver of growth continues to be container transportation through the port of St. Petersburg.