One of the reasons for the shortage of containers in China was the mysterious situation with the Red Sea

The complicated situation in the Red Sea, which has been ongoing since the end of last year, has had a serious impact on maritime shipping. One of the reasons for the shortage of containers in China has been problems with transportation through the Red Sea. Many major shipping companies have stopped using this route and instead are sending shipments around Africa due to uncertainties and fears of damaging their vessels.

Our company specializes in organizing the delivery of goods through the Red Sea from India to Russia using foreign freight carriers. Their experience shows that shipping through these waters is safe, as the Houthis do not attack ships. However, the increase in container turnaround times has become a serious issue due to concerns surrounding the use of the Suez Canal.

This situation has led to an increase in shipping tariffs and extended delivery times for goods, including to Russia, causing railway shipments to also slow down. The cost of transporting containers from China to Russia by rail is expected to increase by the end of June.