Customs officials reported a deterioration in the situation on the border with Lithuania.

According to information provided by the press service of the Kaliningrad Regional Customs, the situation at the border between Russia and Lithuania is deteriorating due to the slow work of Lithuanian customs. At the Chernyshevskoe multi-lane checkpoint, there is a queue of 180 heavy-duty trucks, of which 25 have been processed by Kaliningrad customs and are waiting in the neutral zone. Lithuanian customs is allowing trucks to pass very slowly, only letting through 66 vehicles in the past day, which is significantly less than their technical capacity, leading to a worsening situation. Transport companies from St. Petersburg have reported that trips to Lithuania are temporarily suspended, but there are no issues at the border crossings to Estonia. The first queue of heavy-duty trucks formed on March 20th, when Lithuania refused to allow Russian trucks to pass without providing any reasons. The Russian Ministry of Transport noted that Lithuania has been slowing down the passage of Russian trucks since November 2023, and new restrictions at the border crossings of Kybartai and Kena were implemented as of March 1st this year.