Delivery of groupage cargo from Italy

Russia and Italy are closely related when it comes to international cargo transportation. Italians supply shoes, clothes, food, spare parts, machines, sports equipment, furniture, and many other products to Russian Federation. The products manufactured in this warm country are of good quality and reasonable price.

We invite you to use services of RTUCargo experts if you plan to start business selling Italian goods and get those goods deliveredfrom Italyto Russia. We carry out cargo transportation, delivering products throughout Moscow and other regions of our country.

Our employees are logistic specialists with extensive experience. They will help you to choose the optimal route for shipping cargo from Italy without overpay.

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What cargoes do we deliver?

The team of specialists provides transportation of the following goods:
● clothes;
● auto parts;
● equipment and spare parts;
● parts for agricultural machinery;
● sports goods;
● furniture and interior items;
● electrical goods;
● glass products, porcelain and metal tableware;
● cooking utensils;
● hand tools and industrial tooling.

Major advantages of cooperation

We offer our customers:
1. Expert assistance and control at all stages of goods transportation. You will not face any troubles while shipping goods from Italy to Moscow or another cityin Russia.Customers can always get information about their cargo: we provide photo and video. You can also contact your manager any time to get information about your cargo.
2. Detailed routes. Depending on the cargo category and expected delivery terms our experts will come up with the best possible route.
3. Guarantee of preservation. When delivering different types of parcels, no security problems are faced. Cargoes come in their original packaging.
4. List of additional services. Ensuring delivery of consolidated cargo from Italy, fast loading and unloading, customs clearance and much more. Using combined cargo, you pay only for the space and weight of the parcel. We do not only carry out not shipping, but also, we provide warehousing.
5. We deliver goods of any volume from 1 kg – oversized, perishable and heavy-weight.

Transporting goods from Italy with our company you will avoid many delivery related troubles and will be able to concentrate on business development in Russian Federation.

Cost of goods deliveryfrom Italy to Russia

Delivery cost from Italy may vary. It is determined by different factors. The most important one is transportation mode. Also, the cost is formed depending on:
● distance from the supplier warehouse — to the destination point;
● type and characteristics of the cargo to be delivered;
● required transportation conditions (fixed temperature, pressure, etc.).

Entrust cargo transportation from Italy to Moscow and other cities of Russia to RTUCargo experts. They will accurately calculate transporting cost of the goods, prepare the optimal shipment routein the shortest possible time. Service cost is fixed: there will be no additional expenses.

Main deliverymethods

Overland transportation This is the most popular way. It is convenient and cost-effectiveway to transport goods from Italy at a low price. Overland transportation lasts from 7 to 14 days.

Transportation mode affecting factors:
1. The distance between collection and delivery point. In some cases when distance is short, and cargo is not urgent it is more efficient to use overland transportation.
2. Queues at customs.
3. Purpose of goods. Expensive goods

Our advantages

Cargo photo report

We send photos from every stage of the process

24 hours support

We are ready to answer your questions any time

Cargo custom declarations

cargo custom declaration for all kinds of cargo

Possibility to post-pay

pay after you get your goods

Why is it better to contact our company?

RTUCargo experts have extensive experience of working with different types of goods. For this reason, our customers never deal with cargo transportation troubles from Italy – we manage all of them.

If needed, our experts will monitor the quality of the products before picking them up from the supplier’s warehouse, provide photo and video reports. Our managers are always on the line for our customers. We also carry out customs clearance of goods, control registration of documentation.

We strive to satisfy the customer. Depending on your price and delivery terms expectations, our specialists will choose the best possible transportation method for your cargo.

If you have any questions regarding goods delivery of goods from Italy, please contact us by phone 8 800 55 100 70 or email to .

After providing consultation our specialists will make an exact route for cargoshipmentfrom Italy. You can order goods delivery to any warehouse or store in Russia.