Delivery of groupage cargo from Germany

Germany has established solid leading position in production of engineering and electrical equipment, transport, electronics household equipment, sports equipment, furniture, etc. Delivery of different cargo types and volumes has also been established between Germany and Russia long ago. Our experts provide goods shipmentfrom Germany to Russia in short terms. RTUCargo employees will carry out all issues: supplier’s goods quality assessment, product support at all stages, customs clearance and shipment to the customer.

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What services do we provide?

We provide our customers with the following services:
● Cargo safety control on the way. You will always know where your parcel is now — the manager is always online
● Customs clearance on turnkey basis.Specialists will complete all forwarding documents (fees, state duties, taxes payments, commodity documents, certificates, and conformity statement.) Services on turnkey basis let the customer to not be involved in all the procedures related to foreign cargo paperwork. We guarantee legal grounds for goods shipment to Moscow and other cities of Russia. ● Cargo certification.
● Insurance.
● Goods delivery from Germany to your warehouse.
● Consolidation. Save on delivery by combining parcels. Pay only for the space your cargo occupies in the container. Consolidated cargo option is suitable for goods with similar transporting route.
● Goods labeling.
● Warehousing of goods from Germany.

Delivery options for products from Germany

By road. This one is widespread shipment method. The parcel can be delivered anywhere in the country.

What kind of goods we deliver?

We carry out transportation of the following goods to all cities of Russia:
● furniture, lighting equipment for home and office;
● electronics for equipment and cnc;
● auto parts;
● equipment and spare parts;
● clothes;
● sports equipment;
● perfumery and cosmetics;
● devices, instruments;
● toys;
● sweets.

We guarantee safe transportation of any products, including cargoes from 1 kg, as well as delivery of combined parcels.

Experts will take care of your cargo safety from Germany. We provide photo and video report during the delivery process at the customer’s request.

We act as a quality and safety guarantee of the cargo – we will pick up the goods only after the customer is convinced of its quality. For this purpose, our specialist takes picture of the cargo, checks personally all the data – integrity, compliance with documents and the order.

Our employees will carry out goods transportation from Germany in short terms, calculating the optimal route.

Our advantages

Cargo photo report

We send photos from every stage of the process

24 hours support

We are ready to answer your questions any time

Cargo custom declarations

cargo custom declaration for all kinds of cargo

Possibility to post-pay

pay after you get your goods

Advantages for the parcel delivery from Germany

When delivering goods in Moscow and other cities of Russia, we:
● We will choose for you the best transport route with fast shipping.
● We will ensure the safety of the package. Your cargo will not be lost or damaged.
● We comply with the terms of the contract. Cargo shipment from Germany is carried out within the agreed time frame.
● We provide a price guarantee. We do not change delivery cost and conditions once the contract was signed.

Cost and ordering options to Russia

The freight cost is determined by several factors:
● cargo characteristics – weight, dimensions, occupied space, etc.;
● transport schemes and distance to the final point of delivery;
● the urgency of transportation from Germany to Russia;
● additional services.

Contact us if you want to carry out transportation of combined or other cargo types to Moscow and other Russian cities. We will manage all delivery issues related to your cargo. You no longer need to communicate with supplier in person or go to Germany to arrange goods delivery.

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