European products are well known for their high quality and unique characteristics. However, many entrepreneurs hesitate starting business related to those goods out of concern for the difficulties of delivering products from Europe.

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RTUcargo specialists undertake all import related issues, starting from evaluating the product quality at the production site to transferring the cargo to the customer. We do not want our customers to worry about characteristics and safety of the imported goods or feel concerned about compliance with the agreed delivery time. For that reason, our employees escort the products during all transport stages.

Our company provides product delivery from all European countries – France, Germany, Lithuania, Latvia, Czech Republic, Great Britain, and any other places of production of European goods.

Types of cargo transportation for the route “Europe to Russia”

From European countries, goods can be shipped to Russia in different ways. Depending on the size of the product, the urgency of delivery, and the fragility of the items:

• overland transportation is the best choice for those entrepreneurs who do not need the products to be delivered urgently. The average overland shipping time of European goods is 10-12 days.
• Air delivery is the fastest, but the most expensive option. If you’re transporting perishables or goods to be sold before competitors enter the market speed is of the essence. Air freight provides shortest delivery time. The goods are shipped to thedestination by road. Air freight shipping terms – 3 to 5 days.
• Multimodal transport is a combination of different modes to ship your cargo. RTUCargo experts provide cost-effective logistic solutions and combine modes of transportation, while the customer pays only for the space that its cargo occupies. Delivery time varies.
• Groupage cargo delivery from Europe. In this case, each customer receives significant cost savings when shipping groupage freight. We comply with the transportation conditions when combining cargoes into one lot. Our specialists combine goods with similar transportation requirements. Time costs are calculated on an individual basis.

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Our regular customers are aware of RTUCargo advantages when shipping various cargoes:
• Choice of the optimal transport route. Our experienced specialists help to determine the best route based on the price to speed ratio.
• Ensuring security. We not only personally check the quality of the cargo and its packaging, but also always insure the goods, ensure its escort from supplier site in Europe to the customer’s door.
• Compliance with all agreements. The goods are shipped within the specified time straightforwardly to the delivery point determined by the customer needs.
• Service price fixing. Accurate logistic planning, examining circumstances and attention to detail serve to calculate and fix your shipping costs. It saves RTUCargo customers from unexpected expenses and allows you to calculate the transportation budget in advance.

Registration of accompanying documents

RTUCargo specialists realize the damage that improperly issued import documents can cause to business development. Therefore, our experts offer legal advice, customs clearance of products on a turnkey basis and solutions for all problems at any stage of any international cargo delivery from Europe.

We deliver goods of any volume from 1 kg – you do not need to place big orders. We ensure our customers’ peace of mind through all the stages of cargo shipping from any European country. We also strive to make the delivery of European goods affordable – our flexible price policy with cost-efficient rates and the groupage cargo possibility from Europe allow customers to save significantly.

RTUCargo is your best assistant in delivery of various bulk and general cargo from Europe to Moscow and other Russian cities.