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Cargo transportation from UAE – Russia

The partnership between the United Arab Emirates and the Russian Federation is developing and improving: profitable commercial offers and constant cooperation lead to a continuous commodity exchange.

Export-import operations between two countries might be performed in easy and fast way, despite some peculiarities of the UAE administrative structure.

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When importing goods from the Gulf countries logistics solutions are determined mainly by the product type. Our specialists most often deliver from the UAE to Russia such types of cargo as:

— textiles, home textiles;
— sewing accessories and fittings;
— various types of equipment;
— spare parts for motor vehicles;
— equipment repairing kits;
— different types of food products – local sweets, edible souvenirs;
— clothes and accessories.

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We guarantee safe transportation of any products, including outsized cargo options from 1 kg, large-sized or heavy-weight equipment, valuable, dangerous, and even perishable goods from the UAE. RTUCargo employees are open to new collaboration offers and ready to suggest the best transport routes, assist in supplier search and prepare forwarding documents.

Cargo shipment methods from UAE

Despite the inconvenient geographical location, it is quite easy to arrange import from the United Arab Emirates. We offer our customers the following types of goods delivery:

1. Air transportation. This is the fastest and most predictable option. It is recommended for valuable goods that need to be delivered from the UAE within certain delivery terms.

2. Sea freight. Despite the delivery time, which sometimes can reach up to 30 days or more, this shipment method is in high-demand due to the low transportation cost. Furthermore, sea freight is preferable for large-sized cargo since sea vessels ship large weights and volumes.

3. Multimodal transportation. Container shipping from the UAE using a combination of several transportation modes can provide all the advantages of each transportation mode. In most cases we suggest customers to combine transportation through the ports of Finland, followed by the overland delivery.

Due to the developed transport infrastructure system, we will provide any goods shipment option desired by the customer, including transportation of combined and complete cargos from the UAE.

Additional services

Our experts choose the most convenient routes and search for transport links, as well as provide all types of logistics services. Transportation services on turnkey basis let our customers to not be involved in all the procedures related to commodity imports.

Additional services for the commodity transportation from the UAE to Russia also include:

— customs clearance, preparing of forwarding documents with mandatory cargo customs declaration;
— shipment insurance;
— legal assistance at all stages of transportation;
— combining of parcels and lots of goods — cargo consolidation from the United Arab Emirates;
— storage services — warehousing in the importer’s country;
— photo and video report of cargo at all stages of transportation along the selected route.

We solve any transportation issues, starting from the meetings with the manufacturer, product quality evaluating, packaging for shipment to warehousing at the final destination. Contact RTUCargo experts and let us, carry out customs clearance of goods from the UAE. Employees of our company prepare all legally required documents for commodity imports to Moscow and other cities of Russia.

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