Rail shipping from China

Are you in need of carefully performed goods transportation from China to Russia without extra payments for short terms? Rail freight is the best solution for you. In RTUCargo you can order cargo shipment on a turnkey basis.

Our clients do not worry about goods quality, customs clearance paperwork, shipment terms, cargo safety and other details. We take responsibility for every stage of shipment: the customer only needs to specify the address of supplier’s warehouse in China and destination point in Russia.

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Special aspects of rail freight

Good transportationby train is in high demand for both individuals and business owners. Railfreight delivery is cost-effective way of goods delivery: it is cheaper to pay for the space inside cargo railroad car than to deliver goods by truck or plane.
With RTUCargo railway transportation from China will take 15 to 22 days (delivery terms depend on the distance between supplier’s warehouse in China and railway station, as well as on de destination point in Russia.

Our customers choose rail freight for followings goods:
● power tools, commercial, industrial and construction equipment;
● electronics, home appliances;
● spare parts and cars accessories;
● furniture;
● textile products, interior items;
● construction and finishing materials;
● sports and outdoor activities goods;
● clothing, footwear, and other products.

We offer the following railfreightoptions: in railroad cars, containers, or special platforms for oversized massive loads. We combine smallbatches of goods with the parcels of other customers: in this waycombined cargoes are delivered. Combining parcels in one batch helps to reduce transport services cost.

To ensure that the cargo from Chinato Russia is not stopped in the middle of the way by customs officers, and the goods are delivered on time, we will issue a package of documents.

Our advantages

Cargo photo report

We send photos from every stage of the process

24 hours support

We are ready to answer your questions any time

Cargo custom declarations

cargo custom declaration for all kinds of cargo

Possibility to post-pay

pay after you get your goods

Fast customs clearance

It is impossible to bring goods from China to Russia without customs clearance. Our experts will carry out this process in the fastest way: we have been engaged in cargo clearance for more than 10 years. In the meantime, our team has established relations with the employees of the customs control authorities and gained profound experience in registration of imported goods.

For maximum protection of the customer’s interests, we sign an international contract. We will prepare all the necessary documentation: contracts, licenses, quality certificates, product export permits from China and import permits to Russian Federation, and other documents.

Attempts to perform customs clearance on your own might result into problematic and time-consuming process. Trial and error approach in customs clearance often leads to the delay of goods at China border. With RTUCargo you will face no concerns about customs clearance.

Why rail freight is advantageous for our customers?

Cargo delivery by rail has the following advantages:
1. Goods arrive at the exact time. Trains run on specific routes on a strict schedule and arrive at their destination on schedule. The delivery time is not affected by weather conditions.
2. Safety of your goods. The railroad cars are sealed, so your cargo is reliably protected from theft.
3. No restrictions on the weight and volume of the package.

Shipping with RTUCargo

Railway transportation of goods from China is usually preferred due to the optimal ratio of cost and delivery speed. Our experts:
● accurately think through all the logistics stages of the product;
● can pay for the products at the supplier’s site and evaluate its quality (photo and video report for customer is provided);
● consolidate cargo;
● additionally, pack the goods to reduce the damage risks during transportation;
● issue accompanying documentation;
● carry out customs clearance;
● transfer the whole document package at the moment of delivery.

Transportation cost from China is determined on an individual basis. To find out the approximate cost, contact the manager or use the calculator on the company’s website. The final price of the services will be known at the moment of signing the contract. It will not change during cargo delivery which is convenient for an entrepreneur when planning a budget.

We deliver parcels from China to any region of Russia. You can pick up the cargo yourself from the nearest train station. If necessary, we will deliver it to the warehouse, to the store or to the door of the house.

Do not be involved in troubles related to the delivery of cargo from China: let us solve all issues. To contact the manager, call 8-800-55-100-70 or leave a message via the online form on the site.