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Container transportation from China

An important advantage of container transportation from China is their flexibility. Containers can carry almost everything – from small parcels as a part of combined cargo to bulk materials.

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Special aspects of container transportation

For international cargo transportation from China, different containers can be used. They vary according to:
– capacity;
– tonnage;
– purpose.

It is important to ensure that the cargo fully meets the container parameters. It should not only fit into the module, but also be securely fixed in it.

Standard modules are used for the delivery of ordinary cargo. If you need to transport products with a large weight, choose containers with increased strength. And for light-weight goods (with a total weight of less than 100 kg), lightweight structures made of aluminum alloys are suitable.

RTUCargo experts will offer you appropriate delivery method and container option. Entrust us your cargo transportation and get it in the shortest possible time.

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Advantages of container transportation

This way of goods transportationfrom China is cost effective. Often the container is formed from small parcels for different customers. At the same time, products need to be delivered to the same point, for example, from China to Moscow. Even the smallest parcels can be transported in combined container, and the delivery cost is distributed according to the space occupied by each individual cargo. That is why, when you order some inexpensive product from China or buy retail delivery fee is low.

Container transportation of goodsfrom China is especially advantageous for multimodal delivery when several types of transport are used to deliver products. For example, delivery from China to Russia is planned by rail. But first, the goods need to be delivered from the store or factory to the railway station, and in Russia — from the railway station to the point of delivery to the customer. Motor vehicles is the best way to do this.

Multimodal delivery in containers is convenient because there is no need to open the modules during reloading. It saves time and simplifies the paperwork: during transportation, the container is considered as a single cargo. In addition, in this case, the delivery of goods from China does not need intermediate warehouse services.

Special aspects of cargo transportation from China with RTUCargo

In our company, you can order container cargo transportation services on favorable terms. We offer fast and safe transportation of any goods from China in convenient ways: – overland;
– by air.

If necessary, containers are sent by rail . Among all logistics routes, we offer the most optimal solution. The delivery method depends on urgency of cargo and product features. For example, for the transportation of perishable products, we recommend air delivery, as it is the fastest. Also, this method of cargo transportation is suitable for companies that have ordered expensive, popular goods in China. For example, the latest iPhone. On the one hand, such products will be instantly sold out, and on the other, if you do not have time to quickly launch a new product on sale, over time it will lose its exclusivity.

If you do not need products urgently and it is important to save on delivery (for example, a large batch of inexpensive cosmetics order for a store chain), we recommend overland delivery. Delivery takes longer but costs several times cheaper.

In our company you can order goods transportationon a turnkey basis. The service includes the entire range of issues for importing products:
– loading of goods in containers, preparation of combined cargo;
– goods delivery in containers;
– registration of accompanying documentation;
– customs clearance.

Immediately upon request of the client photo- and video report is possible at any stage of transportation.

If it is your first purchasing of products in China and you have concerns about seller and goods quality, our experts are ready to visit the factory personally, and act as a guarantee of quality when concluding a transaction between the supplier and the buyer.

To calculate the cost of container shipping, fill out a short form on the website. We make sure no additional unforeseen expenses occurs. You will receive your parcel within the agreed time frame without delay and any additional charges.

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