Cargo delivery from China

Shipping from China to Russia seems like a simple task, but only at first glance: unforeseen difficulties may arise at any stage. We offer our customers time-efficient and concerns-free solutions for cargo transportation. Extensive experience in cargo transportation from China allows our experts not only to easily solve all the difficulties on the route of cargo to the Russian Federation, but also to prevent them at the stages of logistics planning.

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Advantages of cargo transportation

We often offer our customers to use cargo delivery services, as this method is notable for being more convenient than other shipment methods from China.

The major advantages of such delivery are:
● services on a turnkey basis — full-fledged expert support at all stages of goods transportation;
● customs clearance procedure within a few days (in other cases, the goods may expect for customs clearance for several weeks);
● minimum cost of transport company services.

Cargo is the fastest and easiest way to import Chinese goods. Registration of customs documents according to the simplified scheme allows you to transport the cargo in the shortest possible time. We recommend using this delivery service if you need to get an imported product quickly, for example, when planning a business or launching a new production.

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Cargo custom declarations

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Calculation of the cost of cargo transportation

This type of cargo shipment is considered the most affordable, as well as the most popular.

The cost of delivery services depends on:
● type of goods (according to generally accepted classifications);
● weight and dimensions of the cargo;
● transportation method — delivery options by air, goods transportation by car or train;
● location of the sender’s warehouse in China;
● distance of the final destination;
● personal cargo escort;
● insurance.

Individual delivery cost calculation allows you to pay only for the necessary services of the company.

RTUCargo — quality services of cargo transportation from China on a turnkey basis.

Cargo transportation on a turnkey basis is an opportunity to entrust the solution of all issues about transportation and customs clearance to specialists. Our experts carry out all the matters related to the import of Chinese goods to Russia.

We guarantee our customers:
● shipment by the most suitable transport modes;
● accurate delivery cost calculation during a preliminary consultation with price fixing;
● no risk of additional costs, even in case of unforeseen circumstances;
● cargo safety at all stages of transportation, starting from the moment of its packaging by the supplierin China;
● proper customs clearance — official import of goods to Russia;
● the ability to completely secure yourself – insurance of the goods;
● compliance with the agreed terms and conditions of delivery.

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