Delivery of groupage cargo from China

Plenty of business newcomers who are not familiar with rules and details of customs clearance, have serious concerns about purchasing goods from China. It is more convenient and safer to entrust the international delivery process to experienced specialists who have proven Chinese partners and official documents for transparent business activities.

RTUCargo team offers services for the transportation of large-sized, combined cargoes from China in many ways. Well-established logistics, profound knowledge of the legislation of both countries and State Customs Declaration number helps us to deliver goods to each client on time.

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What types of combined cargo we work with?

Combined cargo delivery from China is the most in-demand type of international transportation. It works perfectly for those entrepreneurs who are just starting to establish contacts with Chinese suppliers. This type of transportation is used by companies for a small batch of goods or valuable cargo.

Combined cargoes from China usually consist of small-sized goods delivered in one batch. They belong to different people, so our main task is to combine products properly and deliver them to Russia.

Combined cargo delivery has many advantages:
– cost effectiveness – you pay only for yourcargo’s volume;
– payment is evenly distributed among all customers, so the customs payment is lower;
– easy document management;
– Possibility of door-to-door delivery in any way.

We ship combined batches in several ways – overland and by air.

We deliver of various groups of goods:
– agricultural and automotive spare parts;
– sewing accessories – thread, yarn, fabric;
– clothes;
– household accessories;
– sports equipment, clothes;
– household electrical appliances;
– home textiles – pillows, blankets, plaids, curtains;
– cosmetics and hygiene products.

Our managers will help you calculate delivery cost based on the provided information about the product. RTUCargo logistics specialists will plan the route to minimize delivery time and make it the most optimal for you.

Deliverycost may varies depending on:
– necessity for cargo insurance;
– volume, weight, dimensions of the goods;
– point of departure and destination;

If you are not sure about proper packaging for shipment we will suggest the best option or repack the cargo at the cargo consolidation point.

Our advantages

Cargo photo report

We send photos from every stage of the process

24 hours support

We are ready to answer your questions any time

Cargo custom declarations

cargo custom declaration for all kinds of cargo

Possibility to post-pay

pay after you get your goods

Delivery stages of combined cargo from China

Our team does its work at each stage of cargo transportation from China:
1. collects goods from supplier’s warehouse and issue accompanying documents.
2. combine goods in a container in a warehouse in China before shipping.
3. Issues customs declarations at the point of departure.
4. Escort combined cargo from China according to the route and chosen delivery type (overland, by train, by air).
5. Meets cargoes at the point of arrival, breaks up the orders.
6. Carries out customs clearance.
7. Arranges delivery to the receiver. Our specialists transfer issued original invoices, accompanying customs documents.

Due to our well-established work at all stages, the customer has no concerns about cargo safety, compliance with documentation or labeling. We will save your time and peace of mind. You grow your business, we deliver.

Advantages of cooperation with RTUCargo team

Our company has been operating on the cargo transportation market for more than 10 years. Our managers, logistics and shipping agents are highly qualified and experienced. We:
– carry out transportation of combined cargoes from China to Moscow, other cities of Russia;
– guarantee quality support at all stages of transportation;
– arrange delivery on a turnkey basis with completion of paperwork, payment of duties and fees, customs clearance;
– offer different ways of cargo transportation – overland, air; – approach individually to each client;
– provide the ability to track the cargo route with photo and video report;

To order combined cargo delivery from China, call 8 800 55 100 70 or email to Feel free to contact our manager in the online form on the website.

Signing a product delivery contract with us, you provide quality, safety and proper transportation terms for your cargo.