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Delivery of furniture from China to Russia

We provide full range of services for the purchase, storage, and delivery of any lots of furniture from China to Russia. You no longer need to go to China, carry on a dialogue with sellers, figure out transportation matters from PRC or worry about cargo safety. RTUCargo will do it for you. We collect products from the supplier’s site, issue shipment documents and deliver the furniture with the proper transportation mode.

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What services do we offer when transporting goods from China?

You can order transportation of furniture from China in our company on a permanent or one-time basis. Herewith customers receive a full range of transport and logistics services:
● purchase of various kinds of goods from the supplier, checking integrity and compliance with weight, quantity, etc.;
● warehousing in China and the Russian Federation;
● making up furniture cargo – labeling and providing reliable packaging to prevent any damages during transportation;
● individual scheme and delivery route;
● insurance and customs clearance offurniture;
● safe transportation in the most cost-effective way — by air, by rail, by road;
● door-to-door delivery.

We carry out multimodal or direct transportation of complete and combined cargoes.

Our advantages

Cargo photo report

We send photos from every stage of the process

24 hours support

We are ready to answer your questions any time

Cargo custom declarations

cargo custom declaration for all kinds of cargo

Possibility to post-pay

pay after you get your goods

What method of furniture delivery from China to Russia to choose?

To optimize the process of cargo transportation, we offer several types of transport for delivery:
● Air cargo. The most expensive and fastest transportation option. Express delivery takes 2—4 days.
● Rail freight. The most cost-effective method of delivery. Transportation by rail lasts 15—22 days.
● Overland. Cost of road transportation is higher than the rail freight. At the same time, you can getfurniture twice as fast – within two weeks.

Furthermore, multimodal cargo transportation is also available. In this case several transportation modes are combined. For example, rail and road transportation. This combined approach allows to save money and shorten the transportation terms.

Another way to reduce expenses and shorten time is to deliver furnitureas a part of combined cargo. We collect goods from different customers in one container and send to Russia. The cost of cargo transportation is distributed among all the owners of the products, according to the volume that it occupies in the container.

The choice of a proper method of cargo transportation depends on the size and quantity of furniture, the financial capabilities of the customer and the time limits. We will suggest several transportation options, and you are the one to choose the most optimal transportation scheme.

Cost of furniture delivery

The total cost of cargo transportation is affected by the following factors:
● route and mode of transportation;
● product characteristics;
● required delivery time;
● additional services – storage, insurance.

Use online form on our website for calculation of delivery cost of your cargo.

Why is it better to orderfurniture transportation from China at RTUCargo?

If you need to pick up the goods in China and deliver it to Russia, do not hesitate to contact our company. Entrusting the shipment of goods to RTUCargo experts, you get:
● for the transportation of goods to any point of our country;
● any size and volume cargo transportation;
● full documentary support – we undertake the registration of customs payments and other accompanying documentation;
● the track code for monitoring the location of furniture.

For any further questions regarding furniture delivery from China — contact us by phone 8 800 55 100 70 or leave a request on the site.

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