Delivery of oversized cargo from China

If you need to transport a cargo that exceeds the size of the norms established in the traffic rules, be prepared to face some difficulties in delivery. Meaning your choice of transportation mode will be limited. Particularly you might face many difficulties with transportation by road.
Large-sized or oversized goods category includes all cargoes which sizes exceed:
● 4 meters – in height;
● 2.55 meters – in width;
● 20 meters — in height.

Also, large-sized cargo includes cargo that weighs more than 27 tons, regardless of size.

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Special aspects of large-sized cargo delivery

Oversized cargoes are not always suitable for transportation in a container or enclosed vehicle.
While performing international shipment of undersized cargo service provider pays attention to following:
● how to deliver products from China;
● how to issue accompanying documents;
● how to ensure the safety of the cargo during transportation.

Oversized cargoesdelivery is possible by the following transportation modes:
● air cargo;
● overland vehicles;
● rail freight.

A popular way of transporting large cargoes from China is multimodal delivery, during which several modes of transport are used. For example, the customer buys a manufacturing machine in China. It will be transported to Russia by rail. Unless the seller provides it, the equipment should be transported to the railway station. To do this, overland vehicles are used.

It is more convenient to entrust international delivery to one company, rather than use services of several transportation companies. In that case one carrier takes on responsibilities for the whole import process.

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Transportation of large-sized cargo from Chinato Russia with RTUCargo

If you want to transport oversizedcargo from China at the lowest cost, please contact our company RTUCargo.

We carry out delivery of:
● industrial equipment;
● agricultural machinery;
● complex metal and reinforced concrete structures;
● production and special equipment

Experienced logistic experts will suggest the most cost-effectiveroutes (the shortest and least busy). Cargodelivery termsfrom China depends on the goodsshipmentmethods.

In our company you can order the transportation of large-sized cargo from China on a turnkey basis — a full range of services for the import of goods. Our specialists undertake:
1. remote control of delivery process. To do that we provide photo and video report of cargo transfer and packaging processes.
2. Paperwork, including customs clearance. You will not face any concerns with documents registration for goods imported from China.

The shipping cost is affected by:
● Cargo transportation methods;
● distance between collection and delivery point;
● product features.
You can calculate the full costof goods transportation from China, including oversized ones, on our website.