Delivery of machines and equipment from China

Individual approach to the needs of each customer is one of the leading domestic customs clearance operators – the company RTUCargo has been specializing in providing quality assistance to clients in matters related to cargo delivery from China for over 10 years.

In addition to providing turnkey delivery services for various products that are in high demand among domestic consumers, the company’s main focus in recent years has been on delivering equipment from China.

Purchasing and installing machinery is currently a profitable investment for starting and further developing a business. Modern equipment for small businesses from China, manufactured at leading production facilities, with low production costs, not only matches, but in some aspects even surpasses similar American and European equipment.

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High-precision Chinese business machines are increasingly being acquired not only by private entrepreneurs, but also by large industrial enterprises.

The number of clients seeking assistance from RTUCargo company is growing annually. Their choice is well justified – considering the strong connections with Chinese industrial equipment suppliers and extensive logistical capabilities, the company takes on all operations, starting from purchasing the products in China to delivering them to the customer’s address.

By collaborating with RTUCargo, you define and coordinate the equipment specifications and completeness with the supplier.

Delivery of Equipment from China

Employees of RTUCargo company:
  • accept the goods for shipment from the Chinese supplier, check its completeness and compliance with the declared parameters;
  • compile the order with all necessary documentation;
  • ship the equipment by transport;
  • prepare all documents required for customs clearance;
  • provide “customs clearance” of the cargo in the shortest possible time;
  • transport the Chinese machines along one of the developed routes, taking into account the required delivery time;
  • handle oversized cargo (industrial dryers, production lines);
  • ensure the security of the customer’s cargo throughout the route;
  • inform the customer about the arrival of the equipment at the unloading point.

Delivery of Machines from China – Consequences of Turning to Little-Known Organizations

Entrepreneurs who care about the development of their business have long abandoned attempts to save on cargo delivery from China by any means possible. Why is that?

While purchasing a machine in China may be relatively easy, transporting it to Russia is not as simple.

Trying to get what they want at the lowest cost, some entrepreneurs prefer contracts with sellers offering Chinese machines at lower rates. Businessmen often overlook the fact that the cost of the product includes only its shipment by the Chinese supplier. The sender often has nothing to do with the safety of the cargo during transportation, as their task is to sell the ordered goods as quickly as possible.

As a result, the sender is not responsible for the safety and integrity of the products during loading and unloading and other operations.

Another issue is finding a reliable logistics company capable of delivering the products intact and on time. In order to save money, Chinese machines are often entrusted to little-known firms offering to transport the cargo “almost for free”.

You get the opportunity to easily purchase and transport to Russia modern Chinese machines of the following types:
  • CNC milling and engraving machines;
  • lathe machines;
  • format cutting machines;
  • machines for plasma and laser cutting;
  • edge banding machines;
  • test benches for checking fuel injection pumps and Common Rail systems;
  • homogenizers, separators, and other equipment for the food industry;
  • edge banding machines;
  • machines and equipment for packaging;
  • machines for processing woodworking waste (making pellets, briquettes from sawdust, wood shavings);
  • equipment for packaging and packing goods;
  • printing equipment (plotters, flexographic printing machines, etc.);
  • other modern production equipment for small and medium businesses.