Road transport from China

İf you need goods delivery from China to Russia, try the services of our transport company RTUCargo. We carry out transportation to Moscow and other Russian cities with full customs clearance. We offer cargo transportation of wide range of products from China:
● electrical and household appliances;
● production equipment;
● sporting goods;
● clothes;
● construction materials;
● textile and chemical products;
● furniture, interior items, etc.

We deliver goods of any volume. Due to the well-established logistics and proven delivery routes, the goods will arrive at the destination on time.

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We provide full range of cargo delivery services for businesses and individuals. Including:
● optimal transportation route;
● cargo insurance;
● product inspection and packaging;
● goods consolidation in our own warehouse in China;
● customs clearance and accompanying documents registration.

Overland address delivery is included.

We control every stage of cargotransportation, so that the transportation goes strictly according to the established scheme.

Our advantages

Cargo photo report

We send photos from every stage of the process

24 hours support

We are ready to answer your questions any time

Cargo custom declarations

cargo custom declaration for all kinds of cargo

Possibility to post-pay

pay after you get your goods

Advantages of overland goods transportation

We provide all kinds of delivery (by air, overland). The most common shipment method isoverland transportation. There are several reasons for this:

● different types of vehicles – heavyweights, covered trucks, refrigerated trucks, flatbed trucks, covered wagon, etc.
● possibility of transportation of large goods and products, with special transportation requirements;
● flexibility of land routes, which makes it possible to choose the most convenient transportation schedule;
● door-to-door delivery anywhere in the country.

In the context of costoverland transportation is cheaper than air transportation. Average overland delivery time fromChina is 10-12 days.
If you do not know what the best way for cargo delivery is we are here to< help you to choose the best possible transportation mode option and optimal route. Where applicable our experts will arrange multimodal transportation from China. In other words, shipment will consist of several transportation modes. For instance, first the goods are transported by plane, and then – overland. This combined approach will allow you to save money and optimize the transportation period.

How much does shipping from China cost?

The freight cost depends on several factors:
● what is the transportationroute;
● product characteristics – dimensions, weight;
● additional transportation requirements for the product – packaging of fragile products, etc.;
● related services — insurance, customs clearance and so on.

We calculate the cost of services in advance. You can define it yourself using the online form on our website.

Why is it better to entrust us overland transportation from China?

If you are cooperating with manufacturers in China and are in search of a reliable product supplier, contact RTUCargo. Our advantages:
● reliable packaging — we use firm materials, which guarantee the safety of goods during transportation;
● storage of products in equipped warehouses in compliance with the necessary conditions;
● efficient and reliable acceptance of goods – we will sort and form the cargo lot for further transportation;
● providing a full package of documents — we undertake the registration of goods and waybills, cargo customs declarations, invoices, and other accompanying documentation.

For goods transportation from China, call 8 800 55 100 70 or leave a request on the website. You can also email to