Cargo transportation China – Russia

Many entrepreneurs limit the geography of their suppliers because they have never dealt with delivery from China, a country with world – famous production facilities. With RTUCargo, the goods import from China to Russian cities will no longer be a complicated procedure but become and easiest task: our specialists offer a full range of services for the safe and fast transportation of goods.

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Cargo shipment methods from China

We offer all types of product transportation between China and the Russian Federation:

1. By land transport. Overland delivery is fast and mobile way for transporting small cargoes, and it is possible to carry valuable goods as well.
2. Air delivery. Air delivery is the fastest and most reliable way to transport imported products. If the question is valuable goods of small weight that need to be delivered in the nearest time, you should choose air delivery.
3. Sea transportation. Multimodal transportation of combined cargo from China in containers is in demand for large-sized and heavy equipment and other products. If the goods are not needed urgently, this method is more cost effective than other options of cargo transportation.

After the combined cargo arrives at the seaport, we provide its delivery by road to the destination.

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Cargo custom declarations

cargo custom declaration for all kinds of cargo

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Price list

Point of departure /
point of arrival
Transportation typeMoscowKrasnodar city,
Krasnodar region
Rostov on Don,
Republic of Crimea
Guangzhou Railway up to 30 days180 USD/m3210 USD/m3200 USD/m3220 USD/m3
YiwuRailway up to 30 days180 USD/m3210 USD/m3200 USD/m3220 USD/m3
Yiwuauto up to 20 days200 USD/m3230 USD/m3220 USD/m3240 USD/m3
Our customers do not need to choose the way to transport products between countries on their own. RTUCargo specialists will collect all information about the product and the desired delivery time for your cargo to choose the best option of transportation from China.

Special aspects of work

10 years’ experience allows us to offer you delivery service on a turnkey basis at all stages:

Supplier search and verification

An important stage of our specialists’ work is the analysis of the Chinese markets for the implementation of all business ideas of our clients. Employees of our company can personally visit the production site to check its condition and goods quality, pick up products directly from the manufacturer.

For the peace of mind of customers, all the processes of cargo transfer from China, its packaging and loading into the vehicle are recorded with photos and videos. Due to the strict control, at all stages of transportation, manufacturers take the transfer of goods from China with full responsibility, delivering only the best goods.

Modern technologies do not stand still: remote control of goods delivery is the right solution for entrepreneurs who work with China.

Customs Clearance

Our experts realize all the difficulties for beginners to transport various cargoes and understand all the details of the accompanying documents. We offer customs clearance services. It includes payment of all necessary fees, state duties and taxes, registration, and provision of documents for goods, import permits and licenses for trade activities.

Services on a turnkey basis set our customers free from all the problems associated with the registration of imported goods. We easily provide solutions even for the most complex tasks – from the product search and preparation of primary documentation to the agency support of direct contracts and transactions.

Registration of accompanying documentation

Often entrepreneurs refuse significant profits only because of the concerns about customs clearance during delivery. To free our customers from several problems, we independently select the best option for customs clearance.

We guarantee the legal grounds for import to Moscow and other cities of the Russian Federation – our specialists issue a cargo customs declaration for each case of import, which serves as the basis for moving goods across the border.

Our customers are always sure that there are no customs problems: we sign a foreign trade contract for the maximum protection of their interests, interact with the customs control authorities.

Consolidation of cargo

We deliver products weighing from 1 kg, and we always try to take all measures for the financial feasibility of import. By combining several batches of goods and choosing the best route, we transport the goods as a combined cargo.

Careful attitude to each product, and cargo consolidation always takes place exclusively in compliance with the conditions of safe delivery. In addition to the financial benefits, the advantages of this method of transportation are reduced customs risks and the ability to expand the range of goods with minimal costs for the goods delivery.

Individual approach

When we say “on a turnkey basis” service we mean full range of services for the import of goods. Our specialists will check the reliability of the packaging, consider the conditions of storage and transportation, the appropriate labeling of goods, provide registration of additional commodity and transport documents, carry out cargo support, and, if necessary, storage of products.

Transport costs depends on the delivery method from China, the features of the product, the distance from the point of acceptance to point of delivery. However, the price of the company’s services remains unchanged from the moment of its determination – there will be no unforeseen expenses with RTUCargo.

Our company also acts as a quality guarantee during the transaction between the buyer and the supplier. The manufacturer will receive payment only after we make sure the customer is satisfied with the order and delivery. Thus, the delivery of your cargo with RTUCargo will become a new step in the development and growth of the business, it will open new horizons and possibilities for you. Do not be afraid of imports from China to Russia – just entrust it to us!