Do you want to transport goods or deliver the necessary goods from Turkey to Russia in a fast and reliable way? Are you constantly worried about the safety of your belongings during their delivery? RTUCargo company offers to forget about all the difficulties and problems, taking advantage of our excellent offer – we carry out high-quality air delivery to the capital, and then by courier to the client’s address.

This method of transportation undoubtedly has significant advantages:

  • The shortest delivery time to the airport of Moscow, Simferopol, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk – You can pick up your cargo yourself, making sure it is safe.
  • The possibility of providing cargo transportation to places impassable for another type of transport.
  • High reliability and excellent quality of air delivery – we cooperate only with the best carriers in the air.
  • Fast delivery to any distance – air routes allow you not to worry about the number of kilometers between the point of departure and delivery.
  • Guaranteed safety of any, even fragile cargo – you can always be calm and not worry about your goods. 

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For our clients, we provide detailed advice on logistics, as well as help to familiarize themselves with the rules of air cargo transportation.
You will be able to choose the best delivery option yourself, including the selection of the type of air transport. Thus, it will be possible to organize the most high-quality delivery, since many parameters depend on the quantity and size of the cargo.

RTUCargo will provide you with various route options, which will also contribute to improving the quality of cargo transportation. The optimal delivery time will depend on your choice, and there will also be an opportunity to choose the best destination – the goods will be located at the most convenient point for you.
We will also be happy to accept an order for further delivery around the city – we will take the cargo to the warehouse, to the store or to your home.

The cost of air cargo transportation will depend on factors such as destinations and departures, the main parameters of the items being sent, as well as the selected type of delivery, type of aircraft and much more. To find out the exact cost, it is better to contact us at the contacts listed on the website.
A prerequisite for high-quality air delivery is also the preparation of your goods for shipment. We carefully monitor the execution of this stage, since it will depend on the safety of the cargo and the implementation of transportation according to all the rules.

With our company, you can forget about the problems with the delivery of your goods, important cargo and other things. We are always glad to cooperate with you!