About company

The RTUCargo company began work in 2016, gathering the best employees who have experience since 2008 in international cargo transportation, import of non-food goods in the direction of Istanbul (Turkey) – Moscow (Russian Federation) , and further delivery of your goods across the territory of the Russian Federation.

Since the end of 2016, we began to successfully develop another area – the purchase and supply of goods from Turkey.

Thanks to the presence of an office and warehouse in Istanbul, warehouses and customs agencies in Turkey, we will always find optimal logistics solutions that not only have a favorable price, but also guarantee safety, speed of collection and delivery of cargo.

We undertake to be present at all stages of the delivery process chain, control during collection, honesty and timeliness of information provision, response and solutions in unforeseen situations.

Company purpose:

The best guarantor in work, traditionally, is experience, as well as time, and saving the client’s financial resources. Our company develops the most optimal option for cargo delivery, and we approach our work with full responsibility, because… We understand that the image and profitability of your business depends on our efforts in it.

The main purpose of the company is to use our experience and potential, to provide excellent quality of delivery, service and options for various solutions, to be extremely useful in making the everyday life of our customers easier, to accompany us in international operations and to deliver the cargo to you on time.

Details of LLC “RTU”:

TIN: 9110021948
Checkpoint: 911001001
OGRN: 1189102000911
OKPO: 23805427
Current account: 40702810000601017704
BIC: 043510101
Corr. account:30101810035100000101
Legal address: 297420, Crimea Republic, Evpatoria, 9 May st., building No. 114, apartment 24
Phone: 9787307771
Director: Kompaniets Alexey Petrovich