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International cargo transportation

International cargo transportation is an integral part of the activities of companies engaged in the sale of foreign goods. It is essential to establish this process for business development and growth. Our services include finding suppliers, arranging shipping, and determining best possible route for fragile and valuable goods, as well as for products that require urgent delivery with fulfilment of certain conditions

RTU Cargo organizes cargo transportation from Asian, European and Middle East countries. We ensure safe delivery of goods in the shortest time and offer customers to choose the best type of international cargo transportation: overland transport, air cargo or multimodal shipping.

Cargoes for international transportation

As part of acceptance and packaging, the goods are divided into two types - ordinary and special. For customers to get products at the destination point in their original form, our specialists strictly follow manufacturers' recommendations whiletransporting.

We deliver any kind of goods:

fragile - glass, home appliances and electrical home appliances

large-sized cargo — machines, production equipment

contraction materials

groceries and sweets, coffee, tea

spare parts for machinery and agricultural machinery

combined cargo - consists of several different lots or belong to different owners

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How we deliver

Air delivery

Air cargo delivery is considered one of the fastest shipping method: the aircraft crosses the borders of cities and countries in a matter of hours. However, urgency causes extra costs: air shipping is an expensive service. It is important to determine in advance air delivery cost, clarify the possibility of combining several cargoes, and after that one should decide whether to choose international air shipping or not.

Overland cargo

Overland delivery by road and rail is a great solution for short routes only. For long-distance shipping this international transportation method would be economically inconvenient. The advantages by road transportation lies in its mobility. Only by road one can get to small settlements with no other transport links. Also, international cargo transportation by road might be the part of multimodal transportation logistic plan.

Container Freight

Container Freight makes it possible to place goods in a special module that can be easily delivered by any type of transport or use combined delivery mode.

The major advantage of container shipping is one-time packaging of products as well as no intermediate loading and unloading. Furthermore, modern transportation systems allow to track container logistics in real time. Most containers are universal and come in a range of standard sizes, which makes it possible to transport goods between countries efficiently. Automation for transportation is one of the fields RTUCargo company is engaged in. In case of container freight, it is possible to eliminate almost completely the human factor when shipping cargo.

Stagewise control

International cargo delivery process starts much earlier before having goods loaded into truck. It starts at the time of packaging on manufacturer's site.

Efficient and high-quality international cargo transportation requires the obligatory presence of shipping company representative at the acceptance of products, during loading, shipping by all means of transport, unloading in the country of destination (including final delivery to the customer).

Our specialists are present on the spot during all stages of the logistic chain. Experienced and qualified RTUCargo employees provide a way to quickly respond to modification of conditions and make the right decisions in unforeseen circumstances.

Our advantages

Cargo photo report

We send photos from every stage of the process

24 hours support

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Cargo custom declarations

cargo custom declaration for all kinds of cargo

Possibility to post-pay

pay after you get your good

A wide range of international logistics routes gives customers an opportunity to expand and successfully develop their business.

RTUCargo specialists offer customers the best possible delivery option providing calculations of terms and costs on an individual basis.

Our specialists place attention on short delivery terms. The choice of the proper international transportation, effective logistic solutions, combining goods with similar shipping conditions and other organizational arrangements make it possible to deliver faster.

We strive to protect our customers financial well-being. RTUCargo does its best for keeping prices low by applying container transportation from China and combining international cargo shipping from Turkey and Europe for different customers.

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