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Customs Clearance Turnkey Import of Goods

Customs Clearance and Import Services for Goods from Asian, European, and Middle Eastern Countries

We provide Customs Clearance and safe delivery of goods in minimal time, as well as offer clients to choose the optimal type of international freight transportation: by road, by air, or a multimodal transportation option.

RTU Cargo company offers customs clearance services for imported goods into the Russian Federation. Customs clearance of goods is one of the main directions of our work. The work of our managers and employees, as well as the assistance of reliable partners, allows our clients to quickly calculate payments.

RTU Cargo is a team of specialists with vast experience in the field of logistics, freight transportation, and customs clearance. By providing turnkey services in customs clearance and import logistics, we offer additional services for clients and take responsibility for the implementation of orders of varying complexity.

Directions of Transportation by RTUCargo Company

# Turkey

Turkey - Russia

Cargo transportation and delivery of goods from Turkey to the Russian Federation

# China

China - Russia

Cargo transportation and delivery of goods from China to the Russian Federation


UAE - Russia

Cargo transportation and delivery of goods from the UAE (Dubai) to the Russian Federation

# Europe

Europe - Russia

Cargo transportation and delivery of goods from Europe to the Russian Federation

Simple and reliable workflow with RTUCargo company


Video reports on cargo delivery

Automobile transportation

  • Maximally fast provision of a suitable vehicle for loading.
  • Selection of a specific transport vehicle tailored to the client's needs.
  • Flexible tariff system for transporting goods by road transport.
  • Delivery of goods from "door to door" with high speed.

Air Transportation

  • The fastest delivery of cargo to almost any point in the world.
  • Selection of the optimal air route.
  • Highest reliability of air delivery, suitable for valuable cargo.
  • Ability to build the shortest, most efficient route scheme.

Sea Freight

  • The best opportunity to save on delivery without compromising on quality and reliability.
  • No restrictions on capacity and type of cargo (universal method).
  • An ideal option for large volume/quantity shipments.
  • Well-established logistics allowing for optimal sea routes.

Container Shipping

  • Ability to combine different types of cargo in one container.
  • Containers of various capacities available, selecting the appropriate one.
  • Reduction in loading and unloading costs.
  • Maximum protection of cargo from damage, theft, and adverse weather conditions.

Oversized Cargo

  • Selection of appropriate transport vehicle.
  • Route planning considering regulations and requirements.
  • Specialized skills of company employees for handling such cargoes.

Customs Clearance

  • Interaction with customs officials
  • Informing about regulatory requirements
  • Providing consultations
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we work with both individuals and legal entities.

Type of cargo - product name;
Weight and dimensions of the cargo - length, width, and height of the product, its weight and volume;
Points of origin and delivery - country and city. For "door-to-door" delivery scheme, the exact address must be provided;
Need for packaging and its type (polypropylene bags, pallets, wooden crates, etc.);
Cargo value;
Additional services.

The order payment is made at the time of its receipt. Payment methods: by bank transfer to a bank account, in cash, or by bank card.

The delivery times for cargo depend on the chosen method of transportation, as well as the point of origin and destination, and the flight schedules.

We provide guarantees for the safety of the cargo and compensation in case of its loss or damage during transportation.

To place an order for the transportation of goods, you can contact RTUCarto specialists by phone at 8 (800) 55-100-70 or use the order form.

The price of cargo delivery depends on various factors, so it is calculated individually. Submit a request on our website specifying the weight, dimensions of the cargo, the transportation route, and any other additional conditions. Our manager will contact you to discuss the cost of transportation.

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The container market in the Russian Federation increased by 11% in four months, and in April it grew by 8%

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Türkiye, Armenia and China have become leaders in cargo turnover with Russian regions

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